Data is the most essential commodity for the next generation. I worked with the data for many sectors throughout my career. It amazes me how the data is getting extracted, transformed(cleansed) and Loaded into the powerful engines before being served to the next available customer. Often businessess never have the clear visibility into business. I use better resources and strategy to put all those pieces at your fingertips, so you can make the job faster, more effective decisions for your business.

Three Key element I always use to for better deliverance to all my clients.
Strategy - I always assess, plan and build a roadmap by begin with the end in mind.
Architecture - We as a partner will always discuss on for best approach to move to the cloud, modernise or scale the business solutions for the best approach towards visulasing the data.
Implementation - Several methods of implementing a high quality output through Microsoft PowerBI, Sql server data tools.


Automation on Data

  1. Azure SQL- Cloud services, Azure SQL DB.
  2. Azure Analysis Services- AAS , MSOLAP

Data Development

  1. PowerBI- DAX Parameters.
  2. Power Query- ETL
  3. Integration Process- SSIS
  4. Analysis Process- MDX queries, Facts and Dimensions, KPI Indicators, Partitions,Aggregations.
  5. T-SQL- Joins, Keys, Performance tuning, Query Optimisation techniques, Index, Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers.

Apart from this, I am an ardent fan of books and failure. I read a book each week, fail each week and I always try to rejuvenate my work each day.

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